Career After 12th

A bachelor’s degree is the springboard to self-actualization and achievement. College graduates are more marketable and better equipped for lateral and upward movement in their chosen career field. The advantages in networking and exposure to opportunities tend to open more doors. Most of the students are unaware that there are new-age courses designed and developed for the holistic development of professionals after the world has become a small village. These new-era offbeat courses help you achieve the best colleges and the best salaries available in our country

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Most Lucrative Careers After 12th

The integrated 5 year programmes like IIM-IPM, Law in NLU’s, Designing are structured in such a way that the first three years are of UG or Bachelors and then next two years of PG or Masters. It aims to produce socially-conscious managers, lawyers, designers and leaders with the foundation of world class education from one of the most recognized B-School, National Law Schools of the country. These professions stands out in terms of the environment that it provides and the time that it gives a student to think and plan/her life and align reality with her aspirations


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