Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Test

Important Instructions :

  1. Immediately fill in the form number on this page of the Test Booklet with Blue/Black Ball Point Pen. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.
  1. The candidates should not write their Form Number anywhere else (except in the specified space) on the Test Booklet/Answer Sheet.
  1. The test is of 3 hours duration.
  1. The Test consists of 90 questions 10  question per page. The maximum marks are 300.
  1. There are three parts in the question paper 1, 2, 3 consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics having 30 questions in each subject and each subject having Two sections.

(i) Section-I contains 20 multiple choice questions with only one correct option. Marking scheme : +4 for correct answer and 0 if not Attempted and –1 in all other cases.

(ii) Section-II contains 10 Numerical Value Type questions. Attempt any 5 questions. First 5 attempted questions will be considered for marking. Marking scheme : +4 for correct answer and 0 in all other cases.

  1. Correct answer contains (4 points) Incorrect answer contains (-1 Point)